Barry Roaden Inflatables started life way back in 1989 when Barry owned some mini motor bikes which he took to fête’s and carnivals where he charged punters 50p for a 5 minute ride, when he first started with the motor bikes he was using bales of hay as a crash barrier, this method was OK until the hay began breaking up and taking longer and longer to clean up the mess.

He then enquired about having a inflatable crash barrier made only to find out that there was a 12 week waiting period for one, as his mother was a sewing machinist and spent some of his childhood watching his mother sew he decided to buy a sewing machine and a roll of material and set about making one his self. He was that pleased with it he decided to sell it and made his self another one.

Next was something more challenging, he decided to build a bouncy castle, he stood in a park one day looking at this bouncy castle weighing up how it had been put together, after an hour or so he had enough information store in his head, he went home did a few rough sketches and measurements and started to build his first castle, after a few days the castle was ready to inflate, fingers crossed when it inflated the result was very pleasing with only a few minor mistakes which were rectified.


In-House Design

Inflatable arch design, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Bristol.Barry Roaden Inflatables have there own in-house design department and can design a inflatable from a sketch on a piece of paper, a copy of your product or a photo.

If you have a idea that you would like us to inflate please contact us on 01942 396091.






Inflatable Repairs

inflatable repairs, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Preston.



As a leading manufacturer of all types of inflatables our clients do have the occasional mishap with their inflatables.

We provide a first class repair service to all types of inflatables with a speedy turnaround.

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