Advertising Balloons

Advertising Balloons are often called blimps or airships if you are looking for something smaller then our exhibition spheres are a really good alternative.
Helium Filled Advertising Balloons  are designed to provide high visibility over long distances, Air-borne inflatables are excellent props for special promotions, events, trade fairs, product launches etc.

Advertising Balloons shapes and colours.

They can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes and colour schemes, whichever  shape you choose, we can brand your advertising balloon with your logo, product name and graphics onto a high quality inflatable that will help you to advertise your product or service.

All our helium filled advertising balloons are supplied with standard accessories such as repair kit, tarpaulin sheet, net covering and cotton anchoring lines and anchor system, installation information

Budgets vary so we provide helium airships and cold air blown balloons which both create a great advertising effect. Depending on your location and the nature of your promotion, you may find that one product is better suited to your needs than another. With our experienced team on hand, you can rely on us to provide honest advice and help you choose the best promotional inflatable for your business.

Contact our experienced team today on 024 7630 1412 or email us and we will help you choose the perfect advertising balloon, airship or blimp for your brand.

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