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They come in the widest possible range of designs and choice of colours so they really do stand out from the rest! So whatever your set up- whether it be a helium advertising blimp,advertising balloon, exhibition sphere, inflatable can, inflatable bottle, windy man,rooftop balloon, a custom-bespoke inflatable replica,or a inflatable character - your attraction is sure to prove a hit, bringing customers back to you again and again year after year.

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Our Advertising Inflatable packages include everything you need to get started such as a electric or petrol fan/blower, tether lines and stakes, protection bag, operating instructions and 24 month guarantee all at competitive prices. Just choose your preferred design from our wide range.

Advertising inflatables are one of the most effective and eye-catching forms of advertising. This type of advertising stands out and leaves a lasting impact on the targeted customers. In this highly competitive business world gaining awareness is the greatest challenge. Hence the advertisement should be interruptive, unique and memorable. Inflatable advertising has proven to be an extremely effective and impressive way to grab the attention of the potential customers and acquire brand recognition. Having a giant inflatable advertisement flying overhead takes your business to the heights of success. Yes, sky high advertising makes you stand out in the crowd.

What is inflatable advertising?

Inflatable advertisement is a low cost outdoor form of advertising to gain the highest frequency and visibility amidst the targeted audience. This air-filled commercial signage is one of the popular forms of unconventional advertising that is custom designed to create a boost to enhance your brand image. Some Inflatable advertising involves the use of mammoth sized hot air balloons that are manufactured using high quality poly vinyl material that has the capacity to withstand gas pressure internally. Advertising on balloons is a novel idea as it can be customised to different sizes and are available in a variety of colour patterns. These giant hot air balloons provide exceptional visibility and spread brand awareness as they easily capture the attention of the onlookers.

Types of advertising inflatables:

The inflatable advertisement balloons come in a wide array of shapes imaginable and sizes that range from handheld to the giant hot air balloons. Custom inflatable shapes, giant inflatables, product replicas, inflatable costumes, inflatable golf packages, inflatable tents, rooftop balloons, blimps, air filled display boards and balloon replicas are the available forms of inflatable advertisements. The cold air inflatable balloons are considered ideal for parking lots and other outdoor spaces. The Helium inflatable balloons are ideal for tethering to the ground or on the roof of the building. Large Helium blimps are used outside or inside retail outlets to boost sales. Parade balloons are designed exclusively for parades and convenient to convey messages. These promotional tools are indeed an affordable way of enhancing your brand image.

Benefits of inflatable advertising:

  1. This is an excellent marketing tool for various kinds of venues ranging from high transfer business to outdoor events.
  2. This is a highly cost-effective strategic marketing tool to spread the word about your business.
  3. Inflatable balloons and characters capture the attention and convey messages to the target audience without invading their space. It does not invade the viewer’s privacy like other forms of advertisement. Hence it is highly convenient when compared to other forms of advertising.
  4. This form of advertising grabs the attention of the passerby without being much pushy.
  5. This is a unique, creative and unconventional form of advertising that can attract potential customers from miles away.
  6. Customised inflatable balloons provide the onlooker an instant knowledge of the goods and services.
  7. This form of advertising is simple in nature but assures high frequency visibility by increasing exposure for your brand to the public.
  8. They are available in brilliant colours, exotic shapes and the three dimensional nature provides excellent view from any direction. The more innovative and impressive your inflatable is, the more attention you gather from the potential clients. In short they stand out in the crowd.
  9. These advertising inflatables also do not require any heavy maintenance. The inflatable balloons can be easily deflated and stored until it is needed for next use.
  10. It is touted as a practical form of advertising. From the business point of view it ensures incredible savings of money which can be invested somewhere else.


Inflatable advertising is regarded as one of the cost effective and creative forms of business promotional activity. No wonder the advertising industry has recognized the significance of inflatables as an effective promotional tool to generate traffic, enhance sales and boost profits. Inflatable balloons are indeed a visual treat. They not only entertain the customers but also create an emotional bond between the customers and the company. Yes, colorful and creative inflatables with your company logo or slogans can make a huge difference in substantially expanding your profits. With colorful balloons soaring high up in the sky your sales turnover also shoots up. Yes, they assure an unbeatable impact and deliver on the spot messages. Opt for advertising inflatable and take your business to newer heights.

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