All you need to know about inflatable buildings and structures.

What are inflatable structures and buildings?
Using two layers of membrane together, inflatable structures are typically formed using spars made from the same quality. The space between the two layers is filled with air pressure to form a rigid structure.
Since a lower volume of air is pressurized these structures require less power for a continuous operation. The membrane of the inflated buildings is usually less than I mm thick and forms a structural part of the building. Being highly portable due to a very small amount of material used for its construction, inflatable buildings and structures are nowadays highly preferred.
Inflatable Buildings - Inflatable StructuresTheir types.
You can find several types of #Inflatable buildings. Being very different in their formation, there are four different types of inflatable buildings existing right now.
#Inflatable Dome: Comparing them with other #Inflatable structures and buildings, dome offers a wide floor space.
#Inflatable Cube: The greatest advantage provided by a cube is its easy adaptation of flooring and other equipment. Moreover, they can be tailored for different openings depending on the way you need to use this inflatable building.
#Inflatable Shelter: Shelter looks very similar to the tent, but it’s several times bigger than an ordinary tent. As a replacement to the ordinary tent, the shelter provides you more safety and comfort in relation to outside weather and insects or anything that can bother you.
#Inflatable Arch: This sort of inflatable structure is typically used during races ( to show the start of a race) or weddings and Christmas. The surprising fact about an arch is its ease of being tailored into anything you want.
What are they used for?
One must know about the usage of inflatable buildings before they make a choice.
Most of the times when you see an inflatable it will either be rented or purchased. Domes are mostly preferred when one is planning a grand function like the wedding. They can be customized. Furthermore, they are available in numerous sizes for you to chose one according to your need. The structure of dome gives it a cozy and comfortable effect, making it ideal to host a party.
Cubes are witnessed to be used during business events. Its adaptability to floors and equipment and ease to move around for any event during the year makes it a preferable choice for business purpose. With an option of several doors, it makes a perfect choice in winters or summers. It has a capacity to withhold a large number audience.
The shelter can either be used for personal or professional need. It is mostly preferred by army staff when arranging survival camps for troops. However, it will be a perfect choice when going on camping with the family. Not only this, It is being used as first aid tents, decontamination tent for instance, in the case of emergency events such as earthquakes, pandemic and the similar.
7 of the world’s amazing inflatable structures.
1. Second Dome, designed by Spanish architecture firm named DOSIS.
2. The Anchorage Dome in Alaska.
3. The Beast designed by Belgian’s V-Formation
4. Ark Nova in Japan
5. Tectoniks
6. WDA Inflatable Thought Bubbles
7. Freestyle Slide’s Hybrid XL