Inflatable Billboards

bespoke inflatable billboards
Barry Roaden Inflatables manufacture a wide range of Inflatable Billboards, Inflatable Outdoor Advertising Billboards, Inflatable Roadside Advertising Billboards, Mobile Outdoor Advertising Billboards, Inflatable Outdoor Hoardings.

Inflatable billboards are much like other 48 sheet or larger billboards with the added advantage that the build time is a matter of minutes rather than hours or days!

We can manufacture a inflatable billboard that can be used on land or water, they are great for advertising and promotional campaigns.

Why they are unbeatable:

We can design and manufacture a custom built inflatable billboard to suit your needs in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Artwork can be printed directly to mesh or pvc detachable banners.

What you will receive:

Our packages include everything you need to get started such as a electric or petrol fan/blower, tether lines and stakes, protection bag, operating instructions and 24 month guarantee all at competitive prices.

Just choose your preferred design from our wide range.

Advertising is one of the most respected activities in any given company.

If you have looked on the side of most roads, you will realise that there are many billboards.

In the past years, billboards have been expensive to hire especially those ones that are located on hotspots where there are many people.

However, in the current generation, this is not the case since the inflatables industry has come  up with inflatable billboards.

Inflatable Billboards Are Vey Easy To Setup

They are usually ideal for both long terms and short terms projects.

One thing that you will realise is that you can get these inflatable billboards ready for delivery within a few days from Barry Roaden.

When people were using none inflatable billboards, the company in charge of them would give strict guidelines on the design of the banner especially the orientation and the size of the banner.

For example if it had to be a portrait, that was final and if you submitted a landscape you were told to change or be given another location which might not be necessarily effective like the previous one.

In Terms Of Portability The inflatable billboard is the best solution.

Since the billboards just use air, it means that they are light thereby making them portable.

This increases the effectiveness of the same as companies involved are able to reach as many potential customers as possible.

From far, the adverts are usually attractive.

For example if you take a look at a floating billboard, it is usually so attractive that it catches the attention of many people who are around that place.

When these people pay attention to these billboards, they tend to concentrate on what is being advertised thereby increasing the chances of making profit from the sale of the product being advertised.

Some people think that these billboards are only useful in places where there is electricity.

That is absolutely wrong.

There are two types of  boards.

They can be air sealed where they are inflated air (commonly called  is enclosed or they can be maintained by constant pumping of air into the systems.

This enables the ones doing the advertisements spend less in terms of electricity especially in the remote areas.

The weight of your billboard depends largely on what you intend to use it for.

You can decide to make it light or heavy in terms of weight depending on the kind of material that you want.

It is advisable that before you make that consideration, you take note of some factors such as duration and the place where you will be using it.

For example if you will be using it on smooth surface like water and cemented floor, you can use the light material but if the surface is rough, you have no choice but buy the one made of heavy material so that it can give you service for a long time.

Fun is something that is very essential in the life of human beings.

For example,those inflatable billboards that advertise kids products, are made with shapes that can catch the attention of children so fast.

As a matter of fact, the billboards are easily manipulated to suit the product the are advertising.

You can create very many shapes to suit the product.

A good example is when you want to use inflatable billboards to advertise a drink.

It would be very easy to make a board that looks like a bottle to bring out the nature of the product you are advertising in a much easier way.

As a company, you can also decide to make inflatable stage and leisure covers that can be used for fun days.

In that way you are able to make adverts as you help others entertain themselves.

One of the best features of inflatable billboards is that they are extremely durable and will last for quite some time if cared for properly.

Get you bespoke inflatable billboard ordered today and start attracting new customers to your business.

They have been used by many people who have commented positively about them.

If you were thinking about the best mode of advertisement, inflatable billboards the best choice for you.

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