Giant Inflatable Bottles

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1.5m Inflatable Bottle

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Giant 5m Inflatable Bottle

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1.5m Inflatable Bottle

Giant Inflatable Bottles

Our Giant Inflatable Bottles will help to promote brand awareness and a great way to display your drink as a giant outdoor product replica. All our inflatable bottles will come with your full colour graphics and precision detail to duplicate your brand in giant form.

The most popular Inflatable product replica sizes are between 3m and 6m tall.

Inflatable bottles, inflatable cans and custom made inflatable shapes will stand out over the rest at your next event!

The Best Deal On Inflatable Bottles In The UK

  • A good inflatable bottle deal includes a fan unit to power it. It can be electrical or petrol powered.
  •  A protection bag should also be part of the package, the bag will protect your arch from a large range of hazards when not in use.
  • Manual. There must be an operating instructions and a 24 months warranty.
  • Tether lines and stakes must be there too for stabilizing the bottle also.

Advantages of Inflatable Bottles

  • Inflatable bottles are structures that use cold air inflation to be able to stand, in many cases we can make a sealed air inflatable bottle if your venue has no electricity available to run the fan/blower.
  • Cost - The first advantage is that they are not too expensive. The material used to make them is not too expensive and offers great value.
  • Easy to make - Whatever the design of the bottle, making inflatable bottles for BR inflatables is very easy. Setting it up is also just a matter of pumping air in it, tethering it down and within minutes you have a beautiful inflatable structure.
  • The third advantage is that after the function is over, you just deflate them and put them in a bag until next time.
  • Durable - As much as they are made of a cost effective durable material, the fact that they are deflated after use and stored ensures they stay good for long periods and are not destroyed.
  • Variety - You can get any design you want and any colour because they are not expensive.

For more information on creating a giant inflatable replica of any of your products please call our sales team whom will be happy to help on 024 7630 1412 or Contact Us


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