Inflatable Stage Cover Hire

Barry Roaden Inflatable Stage Cover Hire is a company located in the North West of the UK but cover all of the UK and beyond.

We provide a selection of inflatable stage covers for hire, we can also supply you with stage deck, sound equipment, lighting, engineers and generators.

Our inflatable stage cover hire can be used for a variety of events from large to small, they are used by many bands, outside events, radio shows, dance groups, presentations, festivals, ceremonies and will withstand most weather conditions, they are flame and water resistant with a peaked roof to protect artist from rain.

The inflatable stage cover stands at 4meters tall, 8meters wide and 4meters deep.

This stage can be seen from miles around and has the power, strength and ability to attract attention bringing your customers back time and time again.


The inflatable stage cover hire can be used on outdoor hard standing surfaces, heavy sandbags or raw bolts are provided for maximum safety.

 We know that inflatable stage are relatively new to the market and people often have loads of questions so we have developed a few frequently asled questions section below:

Q - Does the blower need to be on all the time?

 A - Yes - these stage domes work on a ramed air principle and will come down slowly when the power is switched off or when the blower is removed. It takes about 5 minutes to come down. If the power supply cannot be gurarenteed we recommend having a second blower on standby next to a small generator. This can quick be turned on in case of a power cut.

Q - How long does it take to go up?

A - About 8 Minutes - It is amazingly quick

Q - How many people does it take to put up?

A - Ideally three people but can be done with just two people

Q - Is it OK to use in the wind

A - The manufacturer state that the dome can be used in winds up to 40 Km per hour. It does need to be correctly staked down to ensure that it is secured.

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Inflatable Stage Cover Hire
Inflatable Stage Cover Hire