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Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures are ideal for organising outdoor events such as gatherings and parties.

They are temporary and easy to store and occupy minimal space during storage making them ideal for use on hired grounds.

Whether it is a birthday party, a music album launch, a medical camp, a wedding reception or whatever outdoor event it is that you are organising, inflatable structures by Barry Roaden Inflatables are what to use.

They will come in handy as shades for cars and provide shelter among other uses.

Inflatable Structures Examples

The structures made at Barry Roaden inflatables include: temporary inflatable ware houses, event stations, inflatable air domes, inflatable marquees, inflatable buildings, inflatable shelters, inflatable booths, inflatable tents and emergency shelters.

Obtaining your inflatable structures from Barry Roaden inflatables comes with added advantages.

Together with your inflatable structure, you are also provided with a 24-month warranty, an operating manual, tether lines and stakes, a protection bag and an electric or petrol fan blower depending on the kind of structure you purchase.

The Barry Roaden inflatable structures are the best in the market guaranteeing you quality and durability.

They can be stabilised by simply placing sand bags inside the inflated structure and tying the attached ropes to nearby barriers, street furniture or even the ground.

The structures use air for inflation, the air can be pumped into the structure using either a 240v electric fan unit or a petrol powered unit.

This makes the structures usable even in remote places where there is no electric power.

It also assures you that your event will not come to a stop if there is a power outage on the planned day but things will go as planned.

This greatly reduces the stress associated with planning big events.

Our inflatable structures come in various designs, shapes and sizes giving you a lot of options to choose from.

If you are looking for something unique, yet with a touch of class and style, drawing attention to your event, the Barry Roaden inflatable structures are the way to go.

These structures are the ultimate choice for a pompous and memorable ceremony.

In conclusion, inflatable structures are reliable and they are the best for events.

They are easy to set up and to deflate after use so as to be stored where they occupy lesser space.

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